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ScreenBadge and Card Slip


ScreenBadge and Card Slip work best if access is granted to your Contacts address book. Granted access allows information in Card Slip to remain synchronized with Contacts. In ScreenBadge, granted access prevents duplication of contact cards in Contacts whenever edits are made. We understand that this is your private information and is not intended for any use other than what you explicitly permit. Except for the information you choose to willingly share with others, your contacts and will always remain on your device, never be shared with a third party, and never used in any manner without your explicit knowledge.


In Card Slip, contact cards shared locally between two people is encrypted, guaranteeing that only the recipient you are sharing with can receive your contact card. Even if there is a rogue actor sniffing Bluetooth airwaves, they will be unable to access any of your shared contact information.

All Apps

Aggregated Usage Data

No usage data is ever collected other than certain App Store metrics, and app performance and crash metrics. Usage data that may be collected is completely anonymized and can never be personally attributed to you.

We take great pride in maintaining your privacy and security, and have designed all of our apps so that no record of your personal data or usage is ever tracked or recorded.

Slip does not generate revenue based on advertising. Furthermore, there is no business incentive for us to collect, share, or maintain any of your personal data.

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