Step 1

Select your own personal contact info from Contacts, or create a new contact.

Step 2

Select which specific items you would like to share or not share.

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Step 3

Tap the QR code button to display your selected contact details as a QR code.

Step 4

Using either the iPhone Camera app, or Google Lens for Android, have the other person steadily point their camera at the QR code. That’s it!

If both of you have Slip, you can securely exchange contact information in a single step. If you both see the same color and pattern on both of your devices you know you have a secure connection.

Swipe your card up to complete the exchange. It’s simple, private, and secure!

Slip automatically geotags and timestamps every virtual business card you receive, making it easier to remember where you met that person, and other people nearby.

Creating multiple “personas” makes it easy to share different information with different people.

Swipe sideways to select one of your “personas” before sharing your virtual business card.

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