Moving Your Tonic Data

Now that Tonic is available for the iPad, you may want to move all of your data to the iPad. The simplest way is just to email your list of tonics to yourself, and then import them on the iPad. Doing so will recreate your full Tonic schedule. However, if you want to transfer all of your historical data in addition to all of your tonics, you will need to follow these instructions instead.

After installing Tonic 2.0 on both your iPhone and iPad, follow these instructions to move your Tonic data over to the iPad:
1. On your iPhone, go to the Settings app, scroll down to find Tonic, and then enable “Database Snapshot”
2. Open Tonic (it will just open normally)

3. On your Mac or PC, with your iPhone connected to USB, launch iTunes.
4. Select your iPhone, click the Apps tab, and scroll down to the File Sharing section.
5. Select Tonic and you should see a file called “Snapshot.sqlite”
6. Save that file by dragging it to your desktop.

7. Rename the file on your desktop to Tonic.sqlite.

8. On your Mac or PC, connect your iPad with USB, launch iTunes.
9. Select your iPad, click the Apps tab, and scroll down to the File Sharing section.
10. Select Tonic.
11. Drag Tonic.sqlite from your Desktop to the Tonic Documents view in iTunes

12. On your iPad, exit Tonic if it is running.
13. Then make sure Tonic is not running in the background by pressing the iPad Home button twice and seeing if Tonic is anywhere in the horizontally scrolling multitasking bar.
13. If you see it, tap and hold Tonic until the app icons start to jiggle. Then tap the RED dash symbol to remove Tonic from the multitasking bar.
14. Press the Home button to hide the multitasking bar.
15. Tap on Tonic. It should come up with all of your tonics, and historical data.
16. If it doesn’t, exit Tonic and repeat steps 12 to 16 again.

Keep in mind you now have duplicate data on your iPhone and iPad. It will NOT stay in sync so you will have to manually keep track which device is your main device for using Tonic. Data sync between devices with iCloud will be made available in the months to come.

Also, one last step to make sure your notifications are enabled. Go to the People screen and next to Myself you will see a BLUE detail disclosure button. Tap the BLUE button. Than tap the switch next to the alarm clock to ON.

Quit Tonic and it should now display a red badge number for your incomplete events. If it doesn’t, open Tonic and select or deselect one of your Tonic events. It should now correctly display a badge number (if you have incomplete events in the last 24 hours), and corresponding reminders for your future Tonic events should now be enabled.


Moving Your Tonic Data
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